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Red Bull Air Race 2 Review

What else to expect from an air racing game boasting stunt planes and great realism: after a few loops and rolls through the gates, you decide to execute a barrel roll... and that's when you get to feel both air and sea sickness.


State-of-the-art 3D graphics (up to 4K resolution) make this game highly realistic and ensure a comprehensive immersion. Every possible detail is catered for, be it plane or environment related.


Gameplay is smooth, straight to the point and rich. The game mechanics of the flight itself feels right, but could benefit from a faster pace. As with any descent racing game, you can manage and enjoy your progression and competitiveness in a rewarding manner, by earning game currency and by purchasing planes while signing temporary contracts with sponsors of your choice.

Replay value

Various difficulty levels, ranging from casual gamers to pro pilots, will keep you busy while progressing. And to satisfy your unquenchable thirst for competition, ranked races are accessible non-stop and a dedicated seasonal championship takes place over each year.


Voice acting from official commentator Nick Fellows for total immersion into the world series.

Free-to-play model

Red Bull Air Race is completely free-to-play. Given the highly reputable name of the sport's sponsor, this comes as no surprise. Racing earns you in-game currency, which in turn allows you to buy different planes. The higher you rank in a race, the more money you get, but you may also earn it by completing side quests that you may choose to fulfill during a race.