NEWS ➢ Red Siren: Space Defense to Launch F2P on November 8

Hungarian studio and successful publisher of mobile games, isTom Games, today announced the future release date of their upcoming arcade shooter, Red Siren: Space Defense, which has been set to November 8, 2018. The announcement was made by way of a trailer and a short description.

What is Known So Far

Very little is known at this stage about Red Siren: Space Defense, apart from the above video trailer posted on Youtube today and a short press release that states:

Red Siren is a unique arcade shooter with constant, high-paced and greatly rewarding action.
Enjoy the gorgeous, full 3D visuals while you crush all the countless enemies!
Complete missions with flying colors and pimp your starfighter to the maximum, or even further!
The game is scheduled to be released on 8th November 2018 on iOS and Android for FREE!

At first glance, there is no doubt that the game boasts top-notch graphics and compelling artwork, especially for a mobile title. The environment spans far in the background and hosts highly polished detailing, while the animations and special effects are incredibly fast-paced and spectacular, providing an outright and complete sense of immersion.

Red Siren: Space Defense screenshot

It doesn’t appear from the video that it will be a full side-scrolling shooter though. Not enough footage is available at this stage, and the action might just be centered around a fixed area, with the enemies drawn toward it, with a little scrolling on the sides.
The free-to-play model isn’t known neither and since the game might be single-player, there wont be many options to monetize the game other than maybe a mixture of ads and micro-transactions designed to aid character and/or story progression.

About isTom Games

isTom Games was established in 2009 to develop high-quality iOS / iPhone applications. The rough start-up was counterbalanced by their perseverance and conviction that they would be able to achieve their goals. The success of the past few years has proven that people have grown fond of their games, which include Blocky Castle, Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter, ZOMBIE AnnihilatoR among many others. Nowadays isTom Games counts as one of the most highly acknowledged Hungarian developers for Iphone games, and no less than 5,000,000 people world-wide have chosen their games.

Stay Tuned

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