NEWS ➢ Relaxing F2P Sim Forest Island Launches Successfully

The relaxing and casual wildlife-healing simulation game Forest Island is now available for free on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and may be also played on PC via an emulator. The game has a generous, unobtrusive ad-based free to play system and provides excellent gameplay, translating into very positive reviews.

About Forest Island

Forest Island is a calming F2P idle game about healing a devastated island back to life. Players will start with a small collection of creatures, and through the care of their little habitat, will begin to expand the terrain with tranquil forests, lakes, beaches, and much more. With dozens of animals to collect and a calming, lyrical soundtrack to help you relieve the stress, Forest Island is the perfect game to unwind with after a busy and grueling day.
Forest Island can be enjoyed with 12 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese, and already has a resounding 5-Star rating on the App Store and Google Play.

Free to play model

The game has a generous, unobtrusive ad-based free to play system and is a refreshing experience in terms of mobile freemium, as one player Hazen Fedison puts it, “This is the experience I’ve wanted from these type of games for years but every other one forces ads and just tries so hard to take your money, this is gives the option but doesn’t throw it in your face. I never review apps but for this one I had to make an exception because I hope more games follow suit“.

Posted on: November 18, 2021 - by Mike (admin)
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