NEWS ➢ Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is F2P until December 19th

Ahead of the Capcom Cup 2018, which is due to take place on Saturday, Dec. 15, (10am PT) between the world’s top 32 Street Fighter V players, Capcom are hosting a 7-day free-to-play trial running through December 19th. Here are the details about this F2P event.

Free-to-play Event Dates

The “free trial” will begin on December 11 at 1pm PT (download begins at 9am PT) and will end on December 19 at 9:59am PT. The Steam client is required to take part in the PC trial.

Free-to-play Event Features

All the initial content from the original Street Fighter V and the modes introduced in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition are included for free during this time.

  • 16 Characters: All 16 original characters are included in this free trial, including the legendary Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, and M. Bison, and as a bonus, three fan-favorite DLC characters will be available for free during this trial: Guile, Akuma, and Sagat, which will “only” be available in Ranked, Casual, Battle Lounge, Training, and Challenges.
  • Arcade: Introduced in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, this mode allows players to relive the past main entries in the series. If you’re able to defeat all the computer-controlled opponents, you’ll receive one of over 200 unique illustrations.
  • Versus: Play against another local player or against the computer with different difficulties.
  • Challenges: Learn how to use each character in Demonstrations and Trials or see how long you can fight in Survival Mode.
  • Training: Practice against a dummy AI as you test out set-ups, combos, and get used to a character without the pressure of a real match.

Supported Systems and Platforms

The free trial is running both on PC, via Steam, and PS4, the later of which will require the online subscription for multiplayer.
Street Fighter V also supports Cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and Steam PC, with players being placed in the same player pool, “unifying potential matchups across the world”.

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