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Team Fortress 2 Review

10 years after launch, Team Fortress still remains filled with heretics and is still the most widely played/recommended free-to-play Shooter on the planet.


TF2 has been praised for its sharp cartoon-styled graphics, which low system requirements opened the floodgates to the majority of PCs. Ultra high settings are also available as "hidden" graphic settings.


Fast match-making and fast-paced, frenetic combat taking place among nine distinctive classes. Competitive play through ranked matchmaking added in July 2016. Extensive customization of items and animations (e.g., taunts), items trading (weapons, cosmetics, weapon skins and utilities).

Replay value

Still very popular 10 years after launch. Valve continues to release new content, including maps, items and game modes, as well as community-made updates and contributed content.


Vast array of cartoonish sounds and effects, plenty of funny voice acting and rich, bouncy music that infuses the game with a feel of James Bond, The A-Team and old war movies.

Free-to-play model

F2P since June 2011, with unique equipment including weapons and outfits available as microtransactions at in-game store. Not pay-to-win. Unrestricted character customization, mode access and level progression.