NEWS ➢ Turn-based MOBA Noara: The Conspiracy Now F2P

Turn-based strategy game Noara: The Conspiracy became free to play yesterday (on Steam PC) along with the introduction of new gameplay elements. As announced the week before, the game has become F2P to allow more players to discover how unique the game actually is.

Additions to the F2P release

A new game mechanic is introduced giving players the tools to define and adapt their strategy. During the game, you and your ally can now choose a tactical advantage that will bring permanent bonuses.
A new victory condition is introduced in addition to the destruction of the opponent’s stronghold. Now the team having accumulated the most wealth at the end of round 15 will secure an economic victory.
A new clan has appeared, the Adalar. Their fighting style will satisfy the most cunning strategists.
Customization added in the form of skins for units in-game that can be obtained through the Collection tab.
Update details:

About Noara: The Conspiracy

Noara: The Conspiracy is a unique turn-based strategy that introduces a new mechanic in a brand-new genre (MOCA), whereby players can react in real time during their opponent’s attack turn. The game can be played solo in 1v1 or coop in 2v2, and is not designed to be pay to win.

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