NEWS ➢ Twin-Stick Shooter Outcasters Now Fully F2P on Stadia

There is no more need for a paid Stadia subscription to play Outcasters, a top-down twin-stick multiplayer shooter by Splash Damage exclusively available on Google’s cloud gaming service.

Trial Without An Account

In order to play Outcasters for free and without any limitations, a Stadia account is still required. However, you may also try the game as a Click-To-Play trial, which means you can jump right into a 60-minute trial of the game, even if you don’t have a Stadia account yet (Splash Damage). “All” you need is a compatible device (including PC and mobile) and very good bandwidth (An internet connection speed of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) or greater is the minimum recommended to use Stadia).

About Outcasters

Outcasters is a free to play top-down twin-stick multiplayer shooter from Splash Damage (makers of such games as Gears Tactics and Dirty Bomb) that pits players against each other in teams or solo in dynamic maze-like maps. The game is Stadia-exclusive and can be played in streaming using any Stadia account on any supported device (including PC and mobile).

Stadia Game Link:

Posted on: July 13, 2022 - by Mike (admin)
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