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Absolute Terror is a free to play Internet browser MMORPG, loosely based around the world depicted in the widely acclaimed controversial Anime series ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE)’ copyright GAINAX. In this world brought to life, under the guise of Absolute Terror, […]


Dekaron is an extreme MMORPG game which features fantasy violence, epic story, and heart-pumping action. 20 million users in over 50 countries around the world enjoy Dekaron. Dive into a dark fantasy world full of myths and legends and embark on […]


Bounty Bay Online is a free-to-play pirate MMO set in the 17th century. Come sail the high seas, discover ancient wonders and explore the more than forty cities,while battling other players and dodging hurricanes. One of the most imaginative and in-depth […]


CABAL Online is a fast-paced, action packed free-to-play online game. Based in the fantasy world of Nevareth, a land devastated by war and the natural forces, CABAL Online offers users the chance to enter a parallel world, full of adventure, opportunity […]


Last Chaos is a fantasy MMORPG that takes place on the imaginary continent of Iris, where a bitter war is being waged. Players will embark on action-packed adventures and become powerful inhabitants of this incredible world. Aspiring heroes will be able […]


GalaXseeds was a free online multiplayer game that is browser-based and aimed at kids and families. In addition to exploring an amazing universe, you get to create your own character, customize your living space, and help save the galaxy from evil […]

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Crackdown is a (now free) open world action-adventure video game developed by Realtime Worlds and distributed by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360, now with Xbox One X enhanced support. Crackdown was made by Realtime Worlds’ founder, David Jones, the […]

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War Rock is a free-to-play, fast-paced, large-scale multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) that combines old-school tactical combat with explosive vehicular warfare. War Rock was made by the South Korean company, Dream Execution, and is available on Windows PC via Papaya or […]


Scions of Fate is a 3D fantasy MMORPG, the US title of the Korean game Yulgang. People from ages 10 all the way to 30 have been entranced by Scions of Fate. From its journey as a comic to online MMORPG, […]