NEWS ➢ $75,000 Super People Final Beta Tournament Aug. 17-31

Upcoming free to play battle royale game Super People will be hosting tournaments worldwide during its final beta test phase running August 17-31 on PC via Steam.

What is Super Tournament?

The Super Tournament is a daily team-based tournament held in the evenings for each region during the Final Beta Test (FBT) running from August 17th through to 31st. The FBT and Super Tournament will be open to all players.
Earn Seed Points during the Qualifiers to advance to the Group Stage and Finals. The last standing team in the finals will be selected as the final winner.

How to participate?

You can pre-download the game starting on August 11th at 10 PM (PDT), and will be able to apply for the Super Tournament regardless of your account level until the 3rd day of the Final Beta. However, from the 4th day onwards, only accounts that are level 7 or higher can participate in the Super Tournament.
1. Set up your team in the lobby before the tournament starts (choose the region that applies to your team), and then click [Register to Tournament].
2. Click [Join] in the lobby at the scheduled tournament time.
3. The tournament match will begin upon entering the Super Tournament League.

Regional Schedules

The Super Tournament starts daily in the evening from August 17th to 31st for each region. Please check the detailed schedules below:

– The tournament region is in the lower right corner of the lobby screen.
– The end times for each day may vary depending on the outcome of the tournament matches.

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