NEWS ➢ Battlerite’s Free-to-Play Road Map

Stunlock Studios announced today that its competitive, action-packed, PvP arena brawler Battlerite will finally launch as a free-to-play title in November after selling over a million early-access copies. Over the coming months several big updates and a lot of new content will flow in.

September: Free week and Halloween content

Battlerite will hold a Free week session running from September 25 to October 1st. That also gives you a chance to try Battlerite’s Halloween Event which starts September 29 and stretches over five weeks. “Players can expect a spooky Halloween theme with unique Halloween weapons for all champions, creepy avatars and four brand new legendary outfits.”
Throughout the Free Week, Battlerite will be on sale by 50% on Steam Early Access for $9.98, €9,98, £7,49.

October: Overhaul Patch

The Pre-launch Patch will change the gameplay to a great extent with loadouts going up to five battlerites each and loadout selection occurring before you enter the arena. Round-based tiers have also been removed and all battlerites are now active from the start. New Battlerites have been added, some have been replaced and many have been re-balanced to fit this new system.
Other changes include a fresh new look to the Battlerite menus to ensure cross-platform consistency and a new mode yet to be detailed.

November: Free-to-Play Release

Battlerite goes Free-To-Play on November 8. To celebrate the official release of Battlerite, a mysterious new champion and 200 new items to be found in chests will be included such as rare weapons, skins, poses, and legendary color variations available in the launch patch.

Coming 2018

Tournament system, new hud and score system, clan system, 3 x new champions in q1 2018, new modes, maps and brawls, lunar new year event, Xbox launch.

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