NEWS ➢ ‘Deathwrack’ Console Update Announced for TERA

En Masse Entertainment announced today that TERA’s next major update, ‘Deathwrack’, launches October 30 on the console versions of its popular free-to-play MMORPG, bringing new challenges, skills, and systems.

What’s in the Deathwrack Update

Not much is known yet. Pretty much everything has been announced through the video teaser included above, but from what we know, the free downloadable update coming October 30 will feature two New Dungeons, each inhabited by new epic bosses, new Misery and Deathwrack gear sets to collect, the introduction of Guild vs. Guild PVP battles, the addition of customizable skill chains, and various skill tweaks and updates for the Warrior class.

Tera Deathwrack Arena

The new dungeons coming to TERA “will test player’s abilities and challenge them like never before“, En Masse Entertainment has stated in a short update description. Players are invited to defend the world of TERA and fight against the dark god Lakan as he emerges from the darkness, and against the well-armed Veldeg as he wields no less than a hammer on the right hand and an axe on the left.
No wonder TERA is still very popular and expanding with so much quality content added on a regular basis.

Halloween Festival

TERA is also hosting a Halloween Festival event -that fits well with the new update’s frightening theme-, where players get to defend stashes of sweets from marauding monsters, in exchange of candies that can be used in the in-game shop to purchase various spooky masks and accessories, as well as two special prizes: the looting ghost Pet Boo and the Boneshaker ground mount, available only during the Halloween season.

More details about the new ‘Deathwrack’ update can be found on the official Update page as they are revealed.

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