NEWS ➢ F2P Fighter Blood of Heroes Opens Beta August 26 (PC)

Developer Vizor Games has announced the Open Beta for their miltiplayer online melee combat title Blood of Heroes will start on August 26th on PC. Players can now sign up for Beta access, and a new gameplay trailer was released, showing how brutal the game is set to be (rated mature).

About Blood of Heroes

Blood of Heroes is an upcoming free-to-play PVP melee game (for PC and Consoles) featuring glorious warriors with unique and distinct weapons and abilities. Every player will find the right hero who suits their playstyle, whether they want to focus on their own killing sprees or help their teammates survive through cunning tactics, magic, or pure power.
The game features both duel and team game modes including Brawl (3vs3 team deathmatch) and Domination (tug-of-war conflict between two teams of 5 players each).

Posted on: August 12, 2021 - by Mike (admin)
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