NEWS ➢ F2P Hero Shooter Realm Royale Gets Massive Overhaul

Free-to-play hero battle royale game Realm Royale by Hi-Rez studio just got a massive update on all systems (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Switch) which includes complete class overhaul, armor reintegration, free bundles, and more (new trailers below).

Proper class-based gameplay

Most abilities and weapons are now class-specific. For instance, Warriors won’t cast Fireballs, and Mages won’t wield the Throwing Axe anymore. Moreover the chests you loot will only contain items that are specific to your chosen class.

Armor loot and crafting

Armor gear is back: Helmets, Breastplates, Gauntlets, and Greaves come in different rarities and offer different perks. They can be looted and/or crafted at Forges.

Free Bundles

For Existing Players: The OG Bundle, unlocking 4 Class Skins and Avatars, a Chicken Skin, a Loading Screen, and a Spray is available for all past players upon logging in back into the game.
For All Players: The Reforged Bundle unlocks new shiny cosmetics, including the Phoenix Chicken Skin and Skydive Skin, plus several community-made Sprays and Avatars.
Platform-specific: Platform-specific bundles are free on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation, and Xbox. They contain many skins such as Lucy-Purr and Bokserker Chicken Skins, Nogard the Dragon Mount Skin, Death’s Edge Assassin Skin, Khale the Divine Mage Skin, and many more.

Further additions

Five new abilities have been added to the game, including Enrage for Warriors and the universal Lightfoot Potion for increased mobility. Weapons have also been improved and the map made more attractive, among other improvements.

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