NEWS ➢ F2P Warfare MMO Warlander Coming to Consoles May 16

Toylogic and Plaion have announced that Warlander, the free to play MMO medieval fantasy warfare game is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on May 16th 2023 with full cross-platform play.

New Features Added

Two new maps: Dawn Bridge B is an alternate version of the original Dawn Bridge map but covered in fog and with the number and location of the towers and siege weapons.
Moonlit Temple allows players to experience battles under the moonlight and features four catapults in the center which can play an important role in pushing the frontline. Additionally, siege battles utilise two routes requiring new strategies for both defense and attack.
Two new skills: The Divine Hammer builds up the cleric’s power that can be unleashed in a mighty hammer blow. It blasts nearby enemies away and heals allies at the same time. The skill can be charged up in three stages with the higher stages boosting range, damage and knockback.
Phoenix is an ultimate skill exclusive to the new Rank 5 Mage title, Inferno. Players can summon a phoenix to fly over the battlefield raining down fire, destroying siege weapons and other structures.

About Warlander

Warlander is a hybrid between hack-and-slash, shooter and strategy with up to 100 players divided into five armies with the goal of destroying each other’s castles. Boasting three different classes: the warrior, the mage or the cleric, players can choose their preferred playstyle including the use of catapults, siege towers, battering rams and cataclysmic idols capable of potentially changing the tide of the battle or securing victory.

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