NEWS ➢ F2P PVE TPS Warframe Announces Largest Story Expansion

On December 15, the most generous and accomplished free to play PVE shooter Warframe will welcome the game’s largest and most ambitious cinematic expansion, The New War, on all platforms.

Free and playable cinematic story expansion

The New War cinematic expansion will be free (Warframe is very F2P-friendly) and introduce new playable characters as the story unfolds through dramatic twists and turns across 3 Acts filled with various Missions taking place in new environments, including Open Worlds besieged by Sentients, and holding answers to long-standing mysteries surrounding Warframe’s sci-fi universe. Players will also play iconic enemies including Kahl-175 the Grineer, Veso the Corpus Tech, and the Dax: Teshin in their fight against the invading Sentient force.

“Just as players have waited so long for this climactic moment in Warframe, we too have eagerly awaited the time where players would be able to experience the emotional depth and action of The New War that we’ve created for them,” said Rebecca Ford, Director of Community and Live Operations. “We can’t wait to experience The New War alongside our players and deliver a continuation in Warframe’s story that we’ll be able to build and expand upon. The future is bright, Tenno.”

Additional update content

Additional features launching with The New War include new Customizations, Weapons, and Accessories, along with Warframe’s 48th unique Warframe, Caliban – a Sentient-Warframe hybrid, and a UI improvement recently introduced to help guide new players complete their next steps in Warframe’s Cinematic Quest.

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