NEWS ➢ F2P Strategy Game State of Survival Launches on PC

Developer and publisher FunPlus announced that their free to play zombie-themed strategy game State of Survival will now be available on PC (Windows), with cross-play and enhanced graphics compared to the already massively successful mobile version.

We’re thrilled to see State of Survival coming to PC. Having recently celebrated its third anniversary and surpassing 150M downloads, this is another major milestone for the game and the team,” said Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer at FunPlus. “This is a great opportunity for players to bring all their progress to their Windows devices but also to enjoy State of Survival in a different way.

PC version details

While much of the game’s mechanics remain similar to the mobile version, the PC version of State of Survival performs and looks better. Players playing the PC version can also receive special in-game rewards using the special code: PLAYSOSONPC.

Pay-to-win alert

State of Survival has a strong pay to win (P2W) element in the long run. Given that the game has a strong multiplayer component, this may lead to a frustrating experience for pure F2P players. That said, the game has been very successful even among the latter. It is possible for anyone to team up with others in order to alleviate the P2W burden.

PC version link:

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