NEWS ➢ Mad World: a Very Promising MMORPG By The Looks of It

Seoul-based studio Jandisoft has unveiled the latest video footage of its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Mad World, which has been in the works for a few years now. With a beta version release approaching, it is time to get a closer look at this very promising cross-platform 2D game.

Mad World boss

HTML5-Built Browser Game

Mad World is built using HTML5, which will make the game playable on all browsers supporting cross-play on PC and Mobile, without the need for a client download, and Jandisoft hopes this will open the door to as many players as possible and create one big melting pot of players coming from various different platforms. This should also help PCs that have lower specs run the game and make it accessible to a wider player base.

Beautiful Artwork & Animations

What stands out the most so far, and at first glance, is the impressive quality of the game’s graphics. Its dark fantasy-themed and cartoon-styled artwork have been beautifully designed and crafted to ensure a visually stunning, harmonious and fully immersive world. The game also seems to include a great variety of biomes/maps, with both dark underground locations and bright outdoor areas shown so far.

On the other hand, combat animations and visual effects, which are often poor or simply lacking in similar MMORPGs, have also been given a great amount of detail, care and polishing to provide an even more eye-catching and thrilling player experience. Its fast-paced mechanics and spectacular visuals give it an arcade twist that is bound to make the game’s combat more engaging and entertaining than many similar games.

Game Features Announced So Far

While offering PVE Raid, Boss Battles and PVP Instances among many other familiar MMO features, Jandisoft states that they intend to give special attention to the combat and community aspects of the game -which are possibly the most sought after components of MMORPGs today for the creation of a gratifying player experience-, in an effort to make it stand out from the crowd.
Furthermore, Mad World’s H.P.Lovecraft-inspired grim dark setting and plot will be used to create captivating emotional experiences through well-written and engaging quests, experimenting with elements not often found across the genre.

Mad World Beta & Release Dates

Some form of beta release is planned for later this fall 2018 starting on PC, Jandisoft has stated in their forum, while they hope to fully release the game sometime in the 1st half of 2019 for most if not all mobile and desktop browsers.
Jandisoft’s communication has been a lot more active recently following a long period of quiet but intensive development, having “worked hard to improve the character animation and skill effects as well as adding new maps, quests and stories“. They posted a few gameplay videos just a few days ago showcasing the game’s latest build across a variety of game modes, adding: “We will be back with another update soon (not monthly soon but like weekly soon), to give you more details on our plan“.

Stay Tuned

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