NEWS ➢ New F2P MMORPG Albion Online Update Teaser

Albion’s next major update Lands Awakened arrives November 24, 2021, bringing a massive rework of the open world (Improved Open-World Graphics and PvE), its first new weapon line since launch, reworked guild seasons, numerous quality-of-life improvements, and much more.

About the Lands Awakened update

Improved Open-World Graphics and PvE:

– Massively improved graphics and layouts for all five biomes
– Mobs that upgrade in strength and value over time
– Reworked Static Dungeons with limited-time “Dungeon Rush” events
– Updated world map overlays showing Silver and resource values

New Open-World PvP Objectives:

– New Treasure Sites that spawn at random in the open world
– Energy Crystals and Power Cores that spawn in the Outlands as valuable objectives for guilds

New “War Gloves” Weapon Line:
– Albion’s first all-new weapon line since launch
– Brings brawler-style gameplay with damage/mobility options
– Includes full combat and crafting trees on the Destiny Board

Reworked Guild Seasons:
– Headquarters Hideouts give active guilds of all sizes the opportunity to make a secure home in the Outlands
– New Conqueror’s Challenge lets all players, regardless of guild affiliation, earn season rewards
– New “Might” system gives points for PvP-related activities
– Might builds Guild Might Levels, benefitting all members via payouts and increased rewards
– New Favor currency can be spent by players on unique and valuable rewards

Numerous Quality-of-Life Improvements:

– Updated soundtrack
– Saved Loadouts can be bought directly via the Marketplace UI
– Farming usability improvements
– Party improvements, streamlined item rerolling, combat balance changes, and much more

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