NEWS ➢ New F2P Open World RPG Honor of Kings: World Revealed

TiMi Studio Group (Tencent Games) have officially revealed a new free to play open-world game, presently titled Honor of Kings: World, to release on multiple platforms. The game looks very promising in terms of graphics and action. Let’s hope it will come as rich in content and F2P friendly as, say Genshin Impact.

About Honor of Kings: World

Honor of Kings: World is a new open-world title presented by TiMi Studio Group. The upcoming game will be supported on multiple platforms (most likely mobile, PC and console), but no further details have been confirmed. It is based on the Honor of Kings / Arena of Valor games and lore, and it isn’t certain what the gameplay will be like overall. Some have mentioned the likes of Monster Hunter: World and The Legend of Zelda in terms of graphics and gameplay.

“To uncover ancient secrets hidden in the whisper of wind, cross paths with a diverse cast of lovable characters, create your own story alongside the living legends of different schools of thought in the Jixia Academy, or delve into the wondrous scenery of the Chang’an city where magic and technology converge …”

Will Honor of Kings: World be Free-to-play ?

No official announcement has been made to this day regarding F2P, let alone P2W. However, considering the studio parent company and publisher (Tencent) specializes in F2P games, and that the most popular and profitable game of the sort currently on the market, Genshin Impact, is free to play and not pay to win, we could assume that it will be the same for HoK World, but nothing may be certain until further announcements. Some players have mentioned the game may be more similar to Monster Hunter than to Zelda-like Genshin Impact. However there are popular games like Monster Hunter that are also F2P, such as Dauntless.

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