NEWS ➢ TERA’s Next Update Brings Extra Action and Challenge

En Masse Entertainment today announced the next monthly update for their free-to-play MMORPG, TERA, will hit PC on November 11. Update Fiery Featherweights will bring major additions to the PC experience and expand character combinations to include the action-packed Elin Brawler.

Elin Race + Brawler Class

When Fiery Featherweights launches on November 11, players will be able to combine the Elin race with the Brawler class to create their own Elin Brawler, who may be tiny but pack a massive punch. The heavily action-focused brawler class transforms an Elien character into an offensive dynamo with increased tanking capabilities, heavy armor, and huge powerfists that can block enemies while send them flying.

Enhancement Points Upgrade

Fiery Featherweights also introduces the Enhancement Point skill specialization system designed to expand gameplay for level-65 players. With the new system, players will get to earn Enhancement Points to improve stats and skills of all their characters: “Enhancement Points earned can be applied to each character on the same sever and account individually once earned“.

New level-65 Dungeon

Level-65 players will also see the introduction of a new five-star dungeon named Bahaar’s Sanctum. In this new level-65 exclusive dungeon, players will to have to defeat the titanic Bahaar, a god driven insane by the divine war, and seething with an unquenchable fire.

That Bahaar is so strong and scary that players will have to progress through the entire dungeon and confront that ugly beast with a party of five. Reaching the sanctum also requires a flying mount (or at least a teleport scroll).

More details on the Fiery Featherweights update can be found on TERA’s Announcement page.

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