NEWS ➢ Path of Exile Expansion and Xbox One release

August 2017 is a critical month for Path of Exile. The game is receiving brand new content through The Fall of Oriath expansion, its largest ever, being released on PC at 1pm on Friday, August 4th (PDT), and it is launching on Xbox One also shortly after. The expansion is already up and running on both platforms in its closed beta phase, which early access may be purchased.

6 New playable story Acts

Not less than six new acts are added to the history of the game. One new Act, The Fall of Oriath, is added to Part I, while five new Acts are added to make up Part II, namely The Rising Tide, Lord and Legion, Eclipse, Reunion, and Return to Oriath. This is a huge story and content update.

The Pantheon system

This system allows you to wield a fraction of the immense power held by the Gods. Pantheon powers grant you defensive bonuses and can be swapped in town with no cost, allowing you to tailor your choices according to the challenge you face.

New items and performance

The Fall of Oriath also includes new skill and support gems, unique items, a new water renderer, improvements to world environments”, the minimap, game performance, and much, much more.


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