NEWS ➢ Ring of Elysium’s European Servers to Open Within Two Weeks

The wait is finally over for all dismayed European PC players who have been unable to play Ring of Elysium, since it was released earlier this year on Steam exclusively for players located in the North-American region. Considering the great popularity of ROE, which boasts many features that other battle-royale games don’t have, many Europeans just couldn’t understand nor stand their undefined wait.

While the Steam page of ROE is still blocked in European countries, players got the news through a short announcement posted yesterday, November 15, by the team in charge of the game on Steam.

Today, we are very glad to announce to all our European fans that we will officially launch Ring of Elysium’s European servers within two weeks! As of now, we are in the final stage of the preparation process, we have already deployed our servers, and our GDPR audit will be over very soon, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding for this last stage.

Also, we want to express our most sincere gratitude towards all of you! Over the last two months, we have received countless comments asking for the status of EU servers, we are so sorry for keeping you guys waiting so long! We will acknowledge the finalized date of the server launch very soon and make a follow-up announcement in our various platforms.

That’s it! Europeans have not only found out that their despair was being addressed, they have also been told that EU servers will be up and running within two weeks only!

Ring of Elysium’s European servers

The delay in the launch of ROE for players located in, or bordering Europe, had been reportedly caused by the new EU legal requirements on privacy and the processing/use of personal data, which has led to many global online providers preventing access to EU users until their service fully complies with the new EU rules.

Now, there are still many more regions without proper localized servers to play ROE on, with many players in South America, the Middle-East, Africa and parts of Asia seeing their impatience soar with the recent news of a European server -but none for them-, and who are yet to find a reason for their current exclusion, let alone a time frame.

Stay Tuned

You can follow ROE in the platforms below to keep in touch with the game’s latest news:

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More details about this announcement can be found in the official Announcement posted on Steam.

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