NEWS ➢ Secret World Legends – Status, State and Release Date

On March 28, 2017, it was announced by a letter from Scott Junior, Executive Producer of The Secret World, that the game would be relaunched in the free-to-play form, and renamed Secret World Legends. Along with these changes, the game would be “updated in ways benefiting a modern-day action RPG”, including “redesigning the combat system to make action feel more natural, making systems more intuitive to interact with, enhancing the game’s visuals, and improving the flow of quests overall, as well as the structure of the early game for new players.”

Now, that sounded like a massive overhaul requiring at least a year of design and implementation. Just turning the existing sluggish combat system into a modern-day action fighter would appear huge of a challenge, pointing us directly to a long and undefined waiting line which sign read “closed beta”.

But a month later, and against everyone’s expectations, Secret World Legends’ release date was already announced. And it didn’t read 2018, nor the end of 2017, it actually read next month, that is June 26th, 2017!
Hold on a minute, is this good news given the bunch of revamp promises? Too early to say, but since the game is already into beta testing, we may find some clues from those who lined up and were selected to participate.

Pre-launch review to come, stay tuned. Or share your thoughts if you got a chance to participate.

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