NEWS ➢ Third-Person MOBA Fault: Elder Orb Goes F2P July 18

Third-person-view action MOBA Fault: Elder Orb, developed by Strange Matter Studios and published by Pocketful of Quarters, leaves Steam Early Access and goes free-to-play on PC, including on Epic Games Store, starting July 18, 2022.

From Steam to Epic Games

Fault was made available on Steam in paid Early Access on July 17, 2020. It hasn’t stopped expanding since then with constant content updates and gameplay improvements thanks to its dedicated indie studio and community, and has seen a steadily growing player base without pouring much efforts into marketing.
The transition to Epic Games Store will help the game get more exposure as the F2P section there is much smaller to that of Steam. The game will remain playable and available for Free on Steam, but new F2P accounts on Epic Games Store will receive the Epic Astro Gideon skin as a gift.

We believe the future of gaming is turning premium games into free to play,” said Mike Weiksner, co-founder and CEO of Pocketful of Quarters. “There are so many games stuck behind paywalls, and the launch of Fault: Elder Orb serves as a use case on how to make experiences player-centric through the use of interoperable, multi-game currencies like Quarters.

About Fault: Elder Orb

Fault is a MOBA game for PC (Xbox and PlayStation versions planned) played in 3rd person view. The game uses assets from Epic’s Paragon. The game has “the high octane feel of popular brawlers and third-person shooters while preserving the strategy and team play potentials in popular MOBA games”.
Fault features a growing roster of 24 dramatically different heroes across dimensions including the likes of earth-bending mages, angelic robots, and otherworldly behemoths.

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