NEWS ➢ Total War: Arena enters Open Beta Week

Total War: ARENA is hosting an open beta week starting today, November 24 (12:00 UTC) and running until December 4 (09.00 UTC), that grants players full access to all of its 10-vs-10 multiplayer action.
Anyone is kindly invited to sign up free and lead the Romans, Barbarians or Greeks into battle and provide valuable, if not decisive feedback regarding the game’s present state and its future prospects.

Gifts for Open Beta Players

Those who answer the call by December 4 will automatically be granted permanent access to the ongoing closed beta to continue the fight, and will receive three special Premium units as a gift, which should help players find new ways to fight and speed up in-game progress: Tier 4 Auxiliary Cavalry, a Roman spear cavalry unit; Tier 4 Bloodsworn, a Barbarian sword unit; and Tier 4 Telesillas Argives, a Greek spear unit.

There will also be a range of boosts and mission rewards available to all players during the open week in the form of extra XP and silver bonuses awarded to those who play and win battles alone, or as part of a party. The rewards are set as follows:

November 24 – November 27: Get x1.5 XP and silver for every battle!
November 27 – December 1: Get x2 XP and silver for every victory!
December 1 – December 4: Get x1.5 XP and silver for every battle!
November 24 – December 4: Get x1.5 XP and silver bonus for playing as a party!

Feedback Needed

The decision to temporarily open the floodgates to all f2p enthusiasts is obviously made for one major reason, that is to collect as much feedback as possible or needed to evaluate the game’s appeal to the public at large, and to draw fundamental conclusions as to what needs to be changed and how it should be changed, notwithstanding the possibility of outright reconsideration, should feedback come out massively as negative.
Players are thus kindly asked to provide feedback in the dedicated forum section.

Feedback So Far

Overall, player feedback has so far been positive. Players have found many improvements from previous alpha versions, and most negative feedback are peculiar to individual player perception and tend to revolve around imbalances between such and such units, tiers, and some degree of unfairness arising from match-making queues, with premades having some form of advantage over solo-queuing players…

About Total War: ARENA

Total War: ARENA is a free-to-play, team-based online strategy game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Wargaming Alliance. Part of the critically acclaimed Total War series, the game lets players step into the boots of legendary commanders from a period of history spanning over 1,000 years. Each player controls 3 military units in in 10v10 battles.

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