NEWS ➢ Vigor Coming to Switch: Beta Registration Open

Bohemia Interactive have made a special announcement regarding their free-to-play survival Xbox game. They’re bringing Vigor to the Nintendo Switch! The first step is the Closed Beta and players can sign up for it from now up to April 2nd. The Closed Beta itself will take place from April 9th to April 16th.

Switch Port Announcement

On top of the above video, the following Switch announcement was made today, March 23, 2020 by Bohemia Interactive, the game’s publisher.

” After a really great period for Vigor, spent exclusively on Xbox, we feel that it’s time to take another step and bring post-war Norway to more courageous Outlanders. This is the first station for Vigor on Nintendo Switch™, so while the Xbox players are awaiting the release of Season 3, Nintendo players will be able to hop into a test version of the game. If you or your friends own the Nintendo Switch™, feel free to sign up for the Closed Beta. We’re excited to hear everyone’s feedback. We believe that new and exciting times begin! “

Cross-platform Gameplay

From their press release, the publisher also makes it clear that cross-play or cross-platform gameplay will be outright available and functional when Vigor effectively releases on Switch: “Players on Xbox and Switch will be able to easily join in a cross-play session, and matchmake into the same Encounters without any restrictions”. Both sides will benefit from faster matchmaking times thanks to the larger player base.

Closed Beta Registration

Players can sign up to participate in the closed beta testing phase from now up to April 2nd using this registration link:
The Closed Beta itself will take place from April 9th to April 16th. For more detailed information check out their blog:

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