NEWS ➢ Warface Lands on Switch, Cross-Play Still in the Air

Developer and publisher MY.GAMES have released their free to play, multiplayer online military first-person shooter Warface, played by 80 million players worldwide, on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Switch Launch and Exclusives

Warface is the first free-to-play military themed FPS to join the Switch and comes with the following platform specific features:
– No Switch Online Subscription. Online multiplayer and voice chat is supported without a need for paid Nintendo Online subscription. That said, Warface offers a lot of micro-transactions, some of which are P2W oriented.
– The first CryEngine-powered title on Nintendo Switch. The game is using a heavily customized version of CryEngine and is running locked in 30FPS/720p in TV mode and 540p in handheld and tabletop modes, providing an optimal balance of image clarity and performance
– Warface on Nintendo Switch supports some platform-specific features like gyro controls for more precise aiming, HD Rumble, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
– All PvE missions will be available at launch, as well as 5 PvP modes (Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Plant the Bomb, Storm, Blitz), 3 Special Operations (The HQ, Cold Peak, Earth Shaker).
– Switch version also includes the latest Warface: Titan update, adding the 5th playable class to the game, the SED.

Cross-play, Cross-platform

Cross-platform functionality, or cross-play between the different platforms (consoles and PC), isn’t offered yet but should be made available in the near future, as per the announcement made by the publisher in October last year:

” We announce the support of cross-platform play starting from Q2 next year. Players on PS4 and Xbox One will soon be able to matchmake with or against each other in all the PvP modes and co-op raids. “

Needless to say that the Switch release had to be completed prior to making crossplay functional, as the most important thing for the publisher is to ensure experience is consistent across all consoles. That means releasing all gameplay and content updates simultaneously on all platforms.
In February 2020, Warface producer confirmed that they were definitely working in that direction and would be ready to talk about crossplay soon.

The best way to get notified as soon as Warface crossplay is talked of or made possible is to visit and subscribe to their Facebook or Twitter account.

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