NEWS ➢ Zeus’ Battlegrounds Update Unlocks Premium Pass for All

Zeus’ Battlegrounds, the free-to-play, Greek-themed melee battle royale game for PC is getting a major update today, designed to make the game more fun for players, including a free Premium Season Pass (that was sold $9.99), new features and content, as well as a Halloween event.

Zeus’ Battlegrounds screenshot

Free Premium Season Pass

All players will now have the ability to play through the premium Season 0 Pass for the game, which includes 50 levels of premium in-game items to collect. The Season Pass features a number of cosmetic upgrades including armor sets and weapon skins, 800 Favor (in-game) currency, XP bonuses, Emotes and more.

New Content & Features

The new update also introduces a new spectator mode, updated translations of the game in 7 languages (French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and English), and a Halloween-themed event that will give players an item each day through October 31st. The update is expected to be live around 2PM PDT today. Players that have already purchased a Season 0 Pass will receive in-game currency that they can be used to purchase exclusive store items.

We had a great response last weekend when we made the Season pass free, and we decided we wanted everyone to have this experience and be able to get all the items in Season 0 as they level up their characters,” said Warren Weems, CEO of Industry Games. “The community has been very supportive as we’ve navigated our first month of Steam Early Access and made many improvements to the game as a result of our fans really supporting the game and encouraging the team. We are very grateful to have such awesome players!

About Zeus’ Battlegrounds

Zeus’ Battlegrounds is a free-to-play melee-based 100 player Battle Royale game, currently available on Steam in Early Access. The game offers in-game cosmetic items for player character customization (cosmetic items do not affect gameplay). The game also offers players a season pass format where all players can freely progress through 50 levels of rewards including premium armor and weapon skins.

For more details about the F2P announcement, read the official Announcement Post.
Zeus’ Battlegrounds is accessible via this Steam Page.

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