Monthly Archives: October 2008

Atlantica Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with tactical turn-based combat. The game is set in an alternate history Earth, the explorable regions including large parts of the world: Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and the mythical and name-giving continent of […]
for: Windows by: NDoors Interactive details
SplashFighters is an online 3D fighting game. You’ll need lightning reflexes, for not only can you be attacked from all sides, but from above as well! Players can choose from 100,000 different fighting styles. Accessories are added to offer even more […]
for: Windows by: CyberStep details
Florensia is a free-to-play role playing game and a fantasy game with islands and the vast ocean. In the Japanese fantasy game Florensia you level on shore and at sea, build your own ship, defeat the strongest monsters and master up […]
for: Windows by: NetTimeSoft details
AdventureQuest Worlds is a free-to-play web browser-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with brand-new weekly releases, real-time combat, challenging quests, beautiful cinematic cut-scenes, thousands of equipable items, interchangeable Classes, and an entire world to explore. The game is expanded every […]
for: WindowsMacLinux by: Artix Entertainment details
Lunia: Record of Lunia War is an action-packed arcade MMORPG game where you actually use your fingers and precise timing to land killer combos. Lunia combines the fun of an arcade game with strategies and development of a MMORPG. Lunia offers […]
for: Windows by: allm details
World Golf Tour is a free-to-play browser-based golf MMO, and considered by many as the number one online golf game. WGT’s golf-game success is in large part the result of its painstaking attention to the look and feel of each course. […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxFacebookIphone & Ipad by: C. Nelson & Y.C. Cheng details
Rivality (classic) is a free online strategy game that you play in your web browser. After the easy registration process you are allotted your own turf in Rivalitys gigantic world. On your premises you can start building what is needed to […]
for: WindowsMacLinux by: FunRock Media details