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Endless Sky is a 2D space exploration, trading and combat game inspired by the classic Escape Velocity series. Work your way up from a relatively wimpy shuttle, cargo ship, or fighter, to a highly upgraded and customized flagship or to a […]


Uebergame is a free-to-play, open source, realism like, multi-purpose, multiplayer, casual, first-person-shooter indie game developed by mostly one person. Uebergame is a truly free and open source multiplayer shooter, no strings attached, and as a modding friendly title, it has the […]


Khan: Absolute Power is a MMORPG based on true 13th century historical events featuring Genghis Khan. One of the most popular features of the game is its unique party system. Unlike other MMORPGs where people can level up by themselves, Khan […]


War of Beach is a free-to-play strategy game in which you are to rule your own Island-State. As the ruler of your island, you are to plan your economy and optimize the layout of your island. Be careful though, some people […]

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Crusaders of the Lost Idols is a free-to-play single player clicker game that puts you in charge of a band of fighters set in a fantasy world. Your mission is to form a mighty group of adventurers to take on waves […]

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Spellstone is a fantasy card game with beautiful hand-drawn art and rich lore! Collect hundreds of striking cards to battle through a compelling story to unravel the mystery of the Void. Heroes, creatures, monsters, demons, animals, and more are brought to […]

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Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military shooter video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more, with third person view (MMOTPS). Armored Warfare features stunning next-generation visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable […]

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