Monthly Archives: November 2019

Stay Out – is a free-to-play open world MMO (in early access) combining shooting and survival elements. The game is based on the post-apocalyptic spirit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R – an urban exploration which involves searching and exploring mysterious pieces of our planet, […]


Andromeda Six is a free sci-fi visual novel rated 17+ (mature language, sexual themes, and violence) for Windows, Mac and Linux. The base game is massive and special chapters may be bought to add even more content. The Andromeda Six is […]


Shrine is a free retro first-person shooter made in the Doom engine, and a prequel to Shrine II, also a free doom-like shooter game about “a skinless dude killing eldritch monstrosities with his nightmarish arsenal”. Shrine is made and offered for […]


Will To Live Online is a free-to-play first person MMORPG and shooter hybrid game with survival elements. Action comes in wastelands of post apocalyptic world. Manifest your right to life – radiation, mutants and the most hazardous enemies – people are […]