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Hazard Ops is free-to-play MMOTPS with “a cocktail of shooting flavours, mixed into one hell of a WTF experience”. Get ready to shoot, burn, kill and die hard in Infernum’s new action packed title. It’s the early 21st century and nightmarish […]
for: Windows by: Ying Pei Games details
Big Bang Empire is a unique and free browser MMORPG that takes you into the world of glitter, plush and red lights. Let yourself be seduced by the sexy comic look and a good portion of irony at places like Santo […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxAndroid by: Playata GmbH details
Alteil Horizons is a free-2-play turn-based tactical card game with “the involved deck-building of Magic: the Gathering and the gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics plus Scrolls”. Alteil Horizons is a card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean […]
for: Windows by: Coreedge details
Lost Sector Online is a Free-to-play online turn-based strategy game, exclusively for PC, with single, cooperative and PvP game modes, which is set in 20 years time within the post-apocalyptic streets of Broxton. The game includes both tactical Squad-Based Combat and […]
for: Windows by: Lost Sector details
Max Gentlemen is a free-to-play arcade-style “extreme manners simulator inspired by a spam email for male enhancement”. It’s an action game, requiring swift reactions about stacking hats, avoiding projectiles, dodging birds and all kinds of stuff as the environment tries to […]
for: WindowsMacIphone & IpadAndroid by: The Men Who Wear Many Hats details
Warside is a free-to-play multiplayer sci-fi platform shooter featuring classic 2D gameplay combined with RPG elements. Play as part of a small squad of elite troops fighting for resources and power across the galaxy. Create your own elite soldier and take […]
for: Windows by: Kraken Games details
Arena : Cyber Evolution (previously Project Cyber) is a free-to-play team-based competitive sci-fi sport-like game. Two teams of 3 players battle on a futuristic Cyberpunk world inspired playing field. In this world the game is everything and participants augment their bodies […]
for: Windows by: Spearhead Games details
Dizzel is an F2P multiplayer online hardcore action shooter developed by Neowiz and NS Studio. Set in the not too distant future, Dizzel features non-stop, heart-pumping action through a variety of unique maps and game modes. Resembling the over-the-shoulder shooter style […]
for: Windows by: SStudio , NeoWiz details
Divine Souls is a stunning, free-to-play, Action MOBA that immerses players in a massive war between the forces of Light and Darkness. Divine Souls allows players to participate in solo or collaborative gaming, with many choosing to form large and powerful […]
for: Windows by: GamePrix details
Dawn of the Immortals is a brand new 3D mobile MMORPG developed by Perfect World, with top notch graphics, stunning combat, and solid gameplay. For the first time in history, you will enjoy a rich, real-time MMO experience with top-notch graphics […]
for: Iphone & IpadAndroid by: Perfect World Ent. details
Cubic Castles is a free-to-play platformer/building MMO game where you build worlds from cubes and other items. Role playing, 3D-platform gaming, or other challenges. What you make is up to you. Want to make a punishing parkour with slippery ice and […]
for: WindowsMacIphone & Ipad by: Cosmic Cow details
SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is a free-to-play top-down shooter with deep rpg elements, including upgradeable guns and armor, unique class skills, and class special abilities. The entire game can be played single player or as a 4-player online co-op game, including […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxIphone & IpadAndroid by: Ninja Kiwi details
The Expendabros is a completely free-to-play platform shooter, an official crossover game from Broforce developer Free Lives, Devolver Digital and The Expendables 3. The game is a short version of much acclaimed Broforce and is completely free of charge with no […]
for: WindowsMac by: Free Lives details
Guns and Robots is a free to play online third person shooter. The game brings robot action with massive customization. Players get cartoony bright 3D graphics in attractive environments and challenge each other in open arenas. Guns and Robots gives fun, […]
for: Windows by: Masthead Studios details
Visions of Zosimos or VoZ is a Free to Play Online Strategy Board & Collectible Card Game with a unique blend of the strategy, role-playing and collectible card game genres, a blend of Warhammer 40k (Wargaming), Magic the Gathering (Collectible Card […]
for: Windows by: Forever Interactive details
Double Action is a free stylish multiplayer game about diving, flipping, and sliding your way into action movie mayhem. Double Action is a no-holds-barred battle royale interspersed with objectives to survive checkpoints, capture the briefcase full of money, and hunt down […]
for: WindowsLinux by: Double Action Factory details