Best Free/F2P TBS Games for Linux

List of free-to-play or free TBS (turn-based strategy) games for Linux, including MMO, multiplayer or single-player, online / offline, browser or desktop Linux TBS games, ordered from best to worst by user rating.

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The Battle for Wesnoth is a free open source, multiplayer and single-player turn-based hex strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux (DRM-free or via Steam), set in high fantasy and filled with extremely rich lore. Explore the four corners of Irdya […]


Age of Conquest is a free-to-play Risk-like turn-based grand strategy wargame. Command your armies in one of the many ancient and medieval countries including the Roman Empire, the Inca, France, Russia, Japan or the Chinese Dynasties. From Rome to Asian nations, […]

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Card Hunter is a free-to-play online collectible tabletop RPG and CCG game which blends together card play, deck building, tactical combat and fantasy role-playing in a way you’ve never seen before. Grab your cards, miniatures, dice and snacks, then journey to […]


Bang! Howdy is an online free-to-play real-time and turn-based hybrid strategy game. The setting mixes elements from a variety of related genres, such as steampunk or Native American myth. Several of the players’ available units are entirely mechanical, including artillery and […]


Battle Dawn Galaxies is a Free strategy game featuring a huge galaxy, 3 types of world and thousands of other real players. The game is built entirely in Flash. It’s a free mmorpg game that requires no downloads. You begin as […]


Dota Underlords is a standalone free-to-play turn-based tactical deckbuilder by Valve based on the popular Dota 2 mod, Dota Auto Chess, with cross-platform functionality between Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux), Android, and iOS. A vertical metropolis of gambling and grit, just […]

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DDTank is a free-to-play, turn-based PvP shooter for PC browsers and mobile devices, based on the classic Worms game. No download required, play now from a web browser. You can compete with different players in game. The simple keyboard operation makes […]

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Hexarchia is a free-to-play and play-to-earn, multiplayer war strategy game for PC inspired by chess and by the most important civilizations in history. Hexarchia integrates blockchain (ETH) and NFT technology protocols so as to enable players to own and trade what […]


Demise of Nations is a free-to-play 4X turn-based grand strategy wargame set during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Command your armies in one of the many ancient countries including the Roman Empire, the Greeks, Carthage, Sparta or the […]

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Darkwind: War on Wheels is an independently developed semi-retro 3D turn based racing and vehicle combat MMO. The game is focused on vehicular combat – cars, trucks, motorcycles with guns – both in wild environments and in man-made arenas and racing […]


Forge of Gods is a free-to-play MMO/multiplayer strategy RPG set in a fantasy world and available both on smartphones ans desktop computers. Join the action in this highly addictive multiplayer card strategy RPG “FORGE OF GODS”! Collect and train as many […]